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There is not a single week in which we do not hear news about the arrest, imprisonment, torture or murder of a revolutionary in Turkey and Rojava. SinceRecep TayyipErdoğan assumed the Presidency of Turkey in 2014, the political violence against the struggle of the working class and against the Kurdish national minority has been worsened, going so far as to use chemical weapons on their own country. Similarly, at the international level, Turkish imperialist terror has intensified by collaborating with the Azaidi puppet government in the massacre of the Armenian people, intervening directly in Syria with a ground invasion, allowing the massive escape of DAESH fighters, etc.

The news of the political assassination of Ahmet Sores (Zeki Gürbüz), a member of the Central Committee of the Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Turkey/Kurdistan (MLKP) and Firat Newal (Özgür Namoglu), a young commander of the Kurdistan revolutionary armed forces clearly evidences the weakness of Turkish fascism against the resistance of the Kurdish people and the revolutionary aspirations of the Turkish popular classes. This vile attack carried out with a drone only proves Erdogan’s inability to break the heroic struggle of the MLKP. He is the second member of the MLKP Central Committee to be assassinated in Rojava, being the first Baren Serhat.

Those crimes, focus in terrorising the bulk of the society, join to the constant attempt of the Turkish intelligence of present the fiction of a surrendered MLKP. In their strategy of horror, they have undertaken a real extermination operation against the MLKP, but far from achieve such announced dissolution promoted by the fascist regime mass media, the reality is another. The integrity of its political prisoners who, far from giving up, join the historic days of hunger strike of the political prisoners, the link of their militancy with the workers in a growing conflict against the patron exploitation, their commitment to the democratic claims of the people and his leading role in university clashes are proof of his vitality and dynamism.We have no doubt that they will be strengthened, because we communists grow in adversity.

Our international commitment is full, and we won’t allow the prevailing silence that exist in Spain regarding the atrocities perpetrated by the Turkish fascist regime. Spain is not careless to the Turkish repression, so much so that at the request of its authorities, our party was banned for a year and our General Secretary, Roberto Vaquero, was imprisoned in anti-terrorist isolation in the so-called OPERATION VALLE. We know that its submission is part of its participation in NATO, where it already constitutes its second most important army. Countries like Finland and Sweden are offering to collaborate with the fascist Erdogan in the annihilation of the political opposition.

Pedro Sánchez´s government is an ally of Turkey, despite the fact that since the 2016 coup attempt, Erdogan has emerged as a true dictator, taking leaps and bounds towards the Turkish society Islamization and has served as the operations base for the DAESH during the war and later as a refuge for many of its ex-combatants. It demonstrates how Spain’s foreign policy is not inspired by the illusory fraud of Human Rights and other commitments to the UN as they preach, but rather by the financial interests of banks, multinationals and their own arms companies and those of the US that find there a market in which to do business.

We express our commitment to the revolutionary fight of the Turkish people and the liberation of Rojava. On the following months we will work to denounce in Spain the true nature of the fascist regime headed by Erdogan, which, given the imminence of the elections in the country, intensifies its offensive against the people and the political opposition and continues its massacre against the Armenian and Kurdish people with the complicity of Spain.

We want to express our condolences to the family, friends and comrades of Ahmet Sores (Zeki Gürbüz) and Firat Newal (Özgür Namoglu) from MLKP.

Honor and glory to the resistance in Rojava and the Turkish popular classes!

The people’s martyrs live forever!

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